assistant manager - sales


   sales, business development.
Sales & Marketing To provide forecast of sales numbers to area sales manager and regional manager for planning and assigning target sales volumes/reach in order to maximize the market potential and to achieve the objectives set for the area.
To coordinate with area sales manager in framing operational sales plan based on the strategic road map lay down by regional manager.
To coordinate with sales executives in breaking down tactical plan into operational plan for achieving the sales targets brand/SKU/Product category wise.
To coordinate with sales executives in preparation on permanent journey plan (PJP) for the sales territories covered by him and monitor the implementation of same.
To regularly monitor the orders taken by the sales executives.
In case of non
    *achievement of sales target, take appropriate measures.
Responsible for various marketing efforts in coordination with category and channel manager for the promotion of trade through the network of retail outlets.
To ensure that channel marketing activities are initiated and implemented successfully in field.
Coordinate with channel personnel for effective channel management activities.
To provide inputs into developing and managing incentive programs to be used during special periods (Festive season, slack season).
To launch new product line/brand/SKU in the assigned sales zone by direct interacting with key retailers and through sales executive channel and keeping track of the process.
To actively track sales movement of competitors products and marketing activities through sales executive channel and marketing Intelligence and communicate exception scenarios to regional manager.
To facilitate product and brand awareness though sales executive channel, referrals, appropriate marketing initiatives To conduct random retail visit to get feedback of the product movement, sales force and marketing activities effectiveness.
Key Account Management To identify key customers who add the most value/profit to your organization.
These customers should receive specially attention and long term relationships should be developed if possible.
Determine the retailers needs and identify preliminary ways that the firms products/services can be modified to meet the customers needs.
Customer complaints must be resolved promptly.
Complaints that require higher level support, need to be distributed to the proper organization for resolution as quickly as possible Channel Management Managing and monitoring sales channel performance (Distributor/Wholesale/Retail sales).
Understand and track current performance of distribution segments and customers.
Improving the dealer & distribution network through monitoring performance and support promotional caigns.
MIS/Commercial To prepare regularly daily / weekly and monthly activity reports and suggest appropriate improvements to the sales personnel.
Adherence of timely reports, observations in Audit / inspections, sharing of Best practices, timely recommendation on media / promotions / scheme To analyze sales and competitor reports sent by the sales executives.
People Management Set sales representatives evaluation criteria, motivate, train and evaluate sales force.
To regularly monitor the sales executive and retailer performance.
Motivate and incentivize sales personnel and promise better promotion schemes to retailers.
To provide leadership, motivation and control so that the Sales team works as result
    *oriented and well
    *motivated team.