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Associate Manager/Manager Analytics/Consulting Work Location Bangalore In their role, Associate Managers and Managers lead clientengagements to help make better, faster data driven decisions.
They apply firstprinciples based thinking to solve business problems.
They do this by integrating the disciplines of math, business and technology to ensure that the analytics and hence insights we generate for our customers are consumable and actionable.
How will your typical day look like? Catch up with onsite counterparts to understand client requirements Synthesize the sometimes ambiguous information from the call with onsite and help your team make sense of it Decide the approach while thinking through possible deadlocks in advance.
Typically our business problems cannot be solved using a linear/single line of thought.
That makes it all the more fun In the afternoon youd meet up with some team members over a working lunch to understand their problems/concerns and to enthuse them in general.
We have an open work culture and encourage sharing of ideas Youll also make time to attend some knowledge sharing sessions to awaken your senses post lunch.
The topics are an interesting potpourri of ideas ranging from Casino Gambling to Social Media Analytics to Analytics in counter terrorism.
You will present some of these yourself eventually The workday stretches into late evenings and youd find yourself talking to the client, presenting insights from work your team performed during the day.
Youll close the day by addressing concerns if any What do we expect from you? Ability to make sense of ambiguity To lead your team out of murky waters and keep the spirits high in the process Belief in an internal locus of control We like people who believe that they have the ability to influence other people and processes, to mold the environment in a way that helps achieve the teams goals Ability to apply first principles and structured approaches to problem solving as opposed to relying excessively on past domain expertise alone Belief in the fail fast and learn way of doing things rather than sitting out of the process An open mind and pleasing personality with good comfort level in interacting and motivating people from diverse backgrounds What do we offer you in return? One of the most challenging and diverse work environments where learning is a way of life Top notch peer group which will force you to expand your envelope of capabilities An open culture where counterpoints are encouraged and the emphasis is on collaborative learning Guarantee that you will enjoy every work day while being a part of a select group which will redefine the way decisions are made across the world Experience 4 years Educational Qualifications Bachelors in Engineering / MBA / Statistics / Economics with 4 years of experience from premier institutions.