audio playback program development for digital signage

Development of Audio Multiple Channel Playback Phase 1 Current already developed
    *Dual channel playback language:
    *Time Schedule Playback
    *Current Framework of GUI ?Yii:
    *yii ?Sencha(EXTjs):/ Tasks 1.
Analysis the current and make the program plan, viewing not only Phase 1, but only Phase 2 Phase 2 is not included this time.
It is to be created after Phase 1. 2.
Audio Multiple Channel playback Simultaneous multiple channels playback-
    *Max. 18 channels Time set playback for respective each channel Auto repeat playback is possible Write simultaneously playback multiple sound source code at both side of server & player 3.
Player Device Koone player(amprefier) /#section04 Current program is created based on Yii & Sencha.
For the purpose of aim, we have to decide if we keep on using current Yii & Sencha, or newly write source code from the scratch by abolish Yii & Sencha 4.
Develop Koone player and Koone manager Koone player for device with Wondow 8.1 Koone manager for web application--
    *should be compatible with Chrome, IE ver.10-, Firefox 5.
Design Channel and set time, file contents control, network setting, synchronization setting, play list, playback schedule control and so on Design will be all provided by us Memo:
You might do some "refactoring" against current code 2.
We might be able to give up current Sancha, replace it with something, if it is better. 3.
Some current code can be open to those who show me reasonable ballpark price 4. 6 weeks are given until the delivery 5.
Ripplin is being used for iOS/Android manager and player, and this works well This Phase 1 will be connected with Phase2 in near future.
You must have good understanding of Ripplin Ripplin:
   /index.html Desired Skills:
   MySQL Administration PHP Windows 8 Administration digital signage ripplin