branch accountant nagpur


Cash Bank 1.1.
Cash balance Tallied with Trial Balance1.2.
Reconcileall the Bank Accounts sent to HO2.
Deposit all Cheques incl.
PDCs due in Bank update in party A/c2.2.
Nett off all receipts from customers correctly against respective invoices2.3.
Scrutinize correctly adjust Advance Credit balance in customer accounts2.4.
Entere in party A/c all Credit / Debit notes for shortweights, rate diff. etc. 2.5.
Credit all TDS certificates in party A/c and forwarded to HO2.6.
Reconcile Intercomany accounts for export2.7.
Reviewed write off Bad debt prov. for the HO approved amount informed to HO2.8.
Reconcile customers account3.
Warehouse Inventory3.1.
Correctly valued entere GRNs into the system for all the receipts at Warehouse3.2.
Correctly adjust for diff. amount Inventory A/Cs while clearing vendor invoice3.3.
Enter correctly Customer Invoices in the system for all the despatches from Warehouse3.4.
Checking the Physical Inventory statement from Warehouse operator and tallied with the book stock3.5.
Tally closing stock account in P L with stock in trade account in Balance sheet3.6.
Calculate adjust Month end RMS stock against Revenue at site is as per site certification3.7.
Calculate correctly adjust against Revenue Month end in transit Export stock4.
Trade Payable4.1.
Verify entere correctly all Vendor invoices received into the system4.2. securitize GRIR A/c and party wise details are available for GRIR Account balance4.3.
Reconcile Intercompany Accounts for imports 5.
Marketing, Sales Distribution expenses5.1.
Create provision and payment entries correctly for Accrued Sales Commission 5.2.
Calculate enter into the system Turnover / Cash discount properly 5.3.
Create Bad debt provision and list sent to HO entries are passed for approved amount5.4.
Create Provision payment entries correctly for Accrued Outward Freight Forwarding exp. 6.
Employee payment6.1.
Settle entere into the system all Travelling Bills received from employees 6.2.
Scrutinize follow up for settlement of loyee Traveling advance accounts 6.3.
Enter correctly the leave Encashment payments and enter into the system7.
Other Office Admn expenses7.1.
Create Accrued Office Warehouse rent provision and enter payments correctly7.2.
Create Accrued Electricity, Telephone, Office maint.
Exp. prov. enter correct entries7.3.
Review adjust correctly Prepaid expense accounts. 8.
Fixed Assets8.1.
Correct entery into the system for al Fixed Assets purchase 8.2.
Update and tally with system details Fixed asset register 9.
Post correctly all TDS amount A/c based on IT Act 9.2.
Tally with Trail balance the Sales tax working based on Revenue figure9.3.
Scrunize adjust Advance custom payment account against GRIR liability9.4.
Tally with paid account CVD / Excise Duty colletion 9.5.
Rationalize with sales figure CVD / Excise Duty collation figure 9.6.
Tally Service Tax collection with service Tax paid A/c9.7.
File return 9.8.
Conduct Audit9.9.
Excise payment Return file10.
RMS Job10.1.
Prepare Customer invoice, 10.2.
Prepare contractors invoice, 10.3.
Create sales reversal10.4.
Create P.
O. on Contractors