Napean India outsourcing is a leading market research outsourcing firm in both government and private sector with customized Data Collection, Transcription, Translation, Analysis and Reporting services in all languages across our centres in Mumbai, Chandigarh and Nashik.
Specialties Translation, Transcription, Market Research, Analysis.
Job Title:
   Transcription Consultant/ Executive Brief Transcription:
   We convert audios to text format by listening and typing the conversation.
How do we do Audio to Text conversation? The person who does it is called a transcriber.
We do it by listening to audio and typing what we hear into a word.
This is called Transcription or Audio Transcription.
This email is to make you understand about the company and also ensure to understand the requirement for joining our team.
    *Any Graduate with English Medium Experience – 0
    *4 years in a similar job Language:
   English, Hindi (Knowledge of additional languages preferred) Job location
    *Nashik Contact Number
    *07774000681 Nashik Nashik