club manager for goa

PERFORMANCE STATEMENTIt is the objective of the Club Manager to effectively manage all aspects of Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Fitness and Nutrition dept, the physical aspects of the club the system and processes and all service aspects relating to staff and members, to ensure that his/her club operates as a successful business unit.
PERFORMANCE STEPSDUTY AMANAGE, TRAIN, MOTIVATE AND CONTROL THE EACH DEPARTMENT TO ACHIEVE THE SET GOALS FOR THE MONTHA.1MAINTAIN AN EFFECTIVE TEAM COUNT 1.1Ensure that your team is fully staffed with the optimum number of membership advisors, trainers/dieticians according to specified staff quotas at any point of time.1.2Ensure all recruitment administration procedures are adhered according to human resource and payroll requirements.1.3Review emerging risks with department heads and stay ahead of the game by keeping a list of membership advisors/Fitness trainers/personal trainers/dieticians is maintained and recruit effectively according to the requirements of the clubA.2ENSURE EFFECTIVE TRAINING OCCURS IN YOUR CLUB2.1Initiate training at club level through constant communication with the dept heads as per teams requirement2.2 Ensure that there are weekly Saturday training sessions by each dept heads and topics for training are clearly identified from the using the remedial action plan formats2.3 Personally attend training sessions periodically and audit the training and its effectiveness through performance status of the department 2.4Ensure you are up to date with all club policies procedures, processes as set in CIS system manual , CIS training and HR admin manual2.5Ensure your team is fully abreast with the IT and software norms data upload system and formats etc.
DUTY BMANAGE FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF THE BUSINESS UNITB.1FORMULATE PLANS TO ACHEIVE MONTHLY GOALS TO ATTAIN THE ANNUAL TARGETS 1.1 Develop a plan every month at club and dept level for achieving the plans set in the annual strategy graph1.2Develop ideas initiatives events schemes jointly with dept head and get it approved before start of the month 1.3Ensure every staff is well versed with their roles and responsibility towards achieved the monthly goal 1.4Do performance review every week identify VAR and risks and ensure remedial actions is been taken .
B.2CONTROL EXPENSES AGAINST BUDGET2.1Implement the petty cash system with accounts 2.2 Set a purchasing and reordering system and ensure adherence to ordering system as defined2.3Authorise and manage invoice flow according to proceduresDUTY CMANAGE HUMAN RESOURCES TO ACHIEVE COMPANY OBJECTIVESC.1ENSURE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION1.1Use effective channels of communicationTeam Meetings and one on one meetingsMemos/ notices Notice boards1.2Follow up and get feedback on communication.1.3Encourage honesty and twoway communication.
C.2ADMINISTER POLICIES, PROCEDURES AND SYSTEMS2.1Understand the policies related to HR administration.2.2Understand the procedures as noted in the various operating manuals.2.3Implement and ensure the adherence to the policies, procedures and systems.2.4Gain feedback and update when/ where necessary.
C.3RECRUIT COMPETENT STAFF3.1Identify vacancy in good time benchmarking against the set organization structure3.2Ensure every dept is provided with staff requisition form and recruits as per approval process3.3Interview candidates appoint staff member as per set system C.4TRAIN STAFF4.1Personally train and induct Heads of Department according to the operating manuals and as per CIS software norms and logics4.2 Ensure that new staff is Inducted according to the induction procedures.4.3Ensure new staff member job specific training to be done by the Heads of Department.4.4Manage staff to attend all training as required.
C.6FOSTER STAFF MOTIVATION6.1Build a professional relationship with each staff member.6.2Implement the Rewards and Awards system6.3Acknowledge good performance.6.4Address poor performance. 6.5Develop interpersonal skills amongst all staff members.
C.7CONDUCT PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS7.1Educate staff on the performance management system at CIS7.2Train the staff according to the performance management system.7.3Evaluate staff and gain feedback.7.4Grow and develop staff.
C.8COMPLIANCE WITH RELEVANT SYSTEMS8.1Have a thorough understanding of the CIS System8.1.1Actively promote the system to members and staff8.1.2Educate and train staff about the procedures and policies of the CIS8.1.3Foster the CIS philosophies to all staff 8.1.4Do random Audits of each dept thoroughly where you personally demonstrate your commitment to the system and zero tolerance of deviations8.1.5Ensure all reports required by the CIS are forwarded according to agreed deadlines.
DUTY DMAINTAIN QUALITY FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENTD.1MANAGE EFFECTIVE MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES1.1Formulate, implement and adhere to specific procedures with regards to1.2.1Equipment electronic and weight resistance.1.2.2Reception lounge.1.2.3Changing areas1.2.4 Wet areas1.2.5 Toilets 1.2.6Work out areas1.2.7Cabins1.2.8 Outside area signage, glass staircase, garden lawn as applicable.
D.2ENSURE HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS STANDARDS ARE MAINTAINED2.1Manage adherence to terms and conditions of housekeeping contract.2.2Conduct daily/ weekly/ monthly inspections.2.3Liaise with agencies.
D.3ESTABLISH EFFECTIVE SERVICE AGREEMENTS WITH SUPPLIERS3.1Maintain a positive working relationship with suppliers.3.2Ensure timely and cordial communication.3.3Ensure timely payment of invoices.3.4Evaluate performance of service agreement regularly and give feedback to Director/HODUTY EDELIVER SUPERIOR MEMBER SERVICEE.1IMPLEMENT AND FOSTER A HIGH STANDARDS OF SERVICE1.1Constantly educate our staff members in how to apply a high standard of performance according to their specific job function.1.2Evaluate the success of the implementations and adherence by gaining feedback from members.1.3Take corrective action when/ where necessary.
E.2ADDRESS MEMBER COMPLAINTS2.1Follow the policies and procedures as specified in the member administration policy document in the treatment of member and staff complaints2.2Welcome complaints and aim to resolve all complaints at first contact2.3Contact members within the period of time as prescribed by the policies and procedures of the CIS.
E.3MANAGE BY ACTIVE INVOLOVEMNT IN EACH DEPT3.1Structure your day to be able to interact with each department.
Use the CWS to plan your week and that of dept heads 3.2Spend allocated time in each department daily as to interact, set the example and coach staff members.3.3Grasp every opportunity to interact with members as to foster excellent service relations.
E.4IMPROVE MEMBER RETENTION RATIO4.1Ensure that members due for renewal are contacted.4.2Ensure that nonrenewals are contacted and questioned to identify the reasons why they will not be renewing.4.3Ensure that we are providing worldclass facilities and servicesMINIMUM DAILY INCOME PERFORMANCE CRITERIA CLUB MGR1.
GOALS AND EVALUATIONEnsure that all dept reports SAS, FMAS, PTAS, NASS are ready in time and check their dashboards at the start of every day and highlight the sales goal for the club as per strat graph and evaluate at the start of every day with your dept heads the MTD status.3.
PLANNING3.1Highlight club income status in respective reports in your daily meetings with dept head not more than 10 minutes3.2Evaluate VAR report in your meeting3.3At the meetings ensure dept heads are clear on their goals and their plans to achieve their minimum daily performance criteria and agreed goals.3.4Endorse the goals and the plans to achieve the goals by initialing both areas at the end of your meeting on the daily reports.3.5Confirm the time of your next follow up meeting with dept heads on weekly planner for each dept head to evaluate goals achieved up to that point in time and agree on the strategy for the balance of the period.3.6Fix a time to meet with the dept heads to work on the areas requiring attention.4.
SUPPORTEndorse the status of actual activity goals achieved in your follow up meeting by initialing the time of the day that the follow up meeting took place and agree on the strategy for the balance of the period.
Conclude the meeting once the dept head has agreed on the plan and noted in the respective reports.5.
MANAGEMENTAchieve your goalsDailyMonthlyAnnually5.1FUTURE BUSINESSEnsure that you are planning ahead for the month ensuring enough leads or programs packages to boost sales in each dept.5.2TODAYS BUSINESSAchieve Sales goals by managing the ratios in the respective End of the daily reports PTAS, FMAS, SAS, NASS.5.3SALES RESULTSEnsure that your clubs end of day reports is readily available on the software to Head Office 5.4ADMINISTRATIONEnsure all policies are adhered to wrt to membership enrolments, HR, balance collection, recruitment, purchasing accounts and petty cash5.5STAFFINGEnsure you have a full compliment of staff and that you have a hot list of potential employees should there be any resignations.5.6DUTY ROSTERConfirm that all dept heads are aware of their shifts and will be on duty as per the agreed duty roster.6.
BehaviorBe CLEAR on the goalsBe SPECIFIC about your plans to achieve your goalsEnsure goals and plans are ACHIEVABLEBe committed and dont quit until your goals have been achievedAddress any query issue immediately with time date of action and follow upLead by example be action and decision oriented Always be crisply dressed in prescribed attire and look sharpThe following are the KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS that need to be looked at on a daily basis to maintain a pulse on the clubs performance, see that proper procedures are being followed and also that the club is being utilized to its true potential.
These indicators are the information that you will be required to report to from time to time, to the HO/director1.
Daily Club Sales, with Month to date MTD Income VAR and action plans 2.
Daily new Sales, with MTD and Daily Sales Goal as per SAS and identify acknowledge lead performer3.
MTD and daily sales progress goal and VAR as per FMAS and identify acknowledge lead performer4.
PT Sales, with MTD Performance and identify acknowledge lead performer as per PTAS5.
MTD and daily sales progress and goal as per NASS var and identify acknowledge lead performer and star performer6.
Training needs identified based on remedial action plan and training calendar 7.
Recruitment Status.
Any gaps in org structure risks emerging, Any new resumes received and interviews scheduled8.
Minutes of the briefing with Fitness Manager, nutrition head, FD Manager and accounts Administrator9.
Status of any and all breakdowns fitness equipment, furniture, fixtures fittings and all other ME etc.
Performance appraisal annuallyThe above list is not exhaustive, but will help in maintaining a check on the KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS.