fitness manager for goa

PERFORMANCE STATEMENT1.1JOB PURPOSETo achieve the smooth coordination within the fitness department.
The role will require the individual to execute and monitor with the general day to day activities performed by the fitness team.
To implement all aspect of the CIS fitness system.
To ensure that all aspects of the Personal Training CIS system are running smoothly across the club.
To ensure that all aspects of CIS fitness management system for general clients are running smoothly.
To ensure that all of the CIS documentation and procedures are strictly adhered to at all times.
To assist the Club Manager with fitness audits and feedback.
To help to translate the entire documentation system into a language easily understood by all training staff.
To deliver developmental skills training and performance feedback for all senior Fitness Instructors, Personal trainers and trainers and members of the fitness team.
To ensure the success of all Fitness counsellors trainers and PT by motivating, and supporting the team to achieve their set monthly targets.
To plan for income as per goal setting documents and manage guide the fitness team on daily basis to achieve the goalsTo be completely proficient with all categories and parameters within the fitness management system and have a complete hold and clarity on day to day resultsTo execute the fitness strategy viz exercise templates based on one set ideology to all general clients to ensure standardisation and control over the floor execution amongst non PT clientsTo ensure and conduct continuous training appraisal and up gradation for all PT trainers every 6 months 1.2ENVIRONMENT Working directly with the Club Manager, you will be implementing and developing the Fitness system further.
To educate and evaluate all Fitness teams to ensure compliance with programs and procedures.
In addition ensuring that all fitness facilities and equipment are clean and maintained through random spot checks.
Main Responsibilities1.3COMMUNICATIONMust maintain constant communication with the Fitness team regarding all aspects of the fitness department.
It is paramount to the success of the Fitness Department for the Fitness manager to maintain an open line of communication on any issues relating to any fitness program and any Personal training issues or activities.
Interface with the club manager on a weekly basis or whenever requested To ensure that every concerns are forwarded to the club manager so that a rapid solution can be made.
To conduct weekly fitness meeting, beginning of the month budget and club launch meetings.
To keep constant communication with the club manager at all times to ensure that any changes in systems or documentation are kept updated and coordinated promptly.1.4OPERATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORSServicing existing member base and client satisfactionExecute the fitness service parameters to the T which are Member attendanceEnsuring member attendance, ensuring absentee calls are done as per system, monitor daily attendance age, daily attendance/total active client base, and take steps to improve attendanceResults See quality of FO and further client card planning for all general members, ensure all measurements and reassessments are done as per period set, ensure members are updated always on progress walls and heroes walls, and monitor progress percentiles as per CIS.
Ensure that all members are happy and are personally known to the fitness manager by name Recruitment staffing and team managementTotally responsible to maintain the full staff counts needed in the dept Must always keep a HOT list of candidates to immediately fill vacancies all recruitment must be done as per the set system and each staff inducted accordinglyBe fully abreast of all JDS, the recruitment system, appraisal system, incentive system and ensure each and every staff in the dept is clear on roles responsibilities Ensure regularity punctuality and take actions accordingly where neededDaily reports and PT reports.
Do fitness and PT goal setting as per set documentations Ensure trainers or counsellors maintain CO dairy and submit end of dayPrepare FMAS, PTAS, PTSS and email to club manager, commenting on any areas of concern that may appearEnsure that the Fitness Orientation allocation is as per goal set and monitor conversions To document FO1 and FO2 as per set forms To document and minute all meets and training sessionsTo take stock of counsellor/trainer diaries, ensure they are updated regularly and note down all internal leads COs Ensure PT allocation is based on system set and monitor retentionEnsure FO and PT sessions control sheets are filed dailyCooperate with the front office or admin manager for submission of records daily as required Fitness Team Meetings.
Conduct all Fitness meetings.
These meetings provide a forum for staff to voice any concerns, give feedback on the categories and parameters critical to success, Internal leads, renewals, referrals, Add ons FOs, PT sales and conducted sessions MTD, inform staff of any up and coming events, and celebrate individual and team achievements.
To write and minute these meetings so that every point can be clearly understood therefore making the follow up procedure easier.
Trainers activities control To maintain constant records and filing of all relevant documentation.
To keep a track of Trainer Activity Record through the CO diary, PT conducted hours ensuring that each Fitness Instructor is carrying out minimum number clients meets, service calls, absentee calls and personal training per shift KPC.
This is very important to help to minimise the amount of fitness instructors that will fail to achieve the KPC at the end each month.
Ratios for all parameters Fitness manager must oversee the entire teams performance in all areas viz FO conversation, renewal sales, CO conv, referral close, add on sales, sessions conducted.
This is to be closely monitored by the FM and assisted by the fitness counsellors.
ROTA for the monthThe FM shall submit a ROTA no later than the 28th of each month.
Critical work schedule CWSThis schedule must be prepared beginning of every week and submitted to the club manager Daily Activity schedule sheet DASSThe FM must have a DASS prepared within the first 15 minutes of the reporting time as the first item on the days agenda Personal Training RevenueIt is important that the FM understands the PT system especially the key drivers like FO sessions utilization, and tracks the clubs Personal Training sales and individual Personal Training sales goals using designated sheets.
It is of the utmost importance that every team achieves their Personal Training Sales goal and that the teams Budgets are consistently achieved each month.
Internal sales revenue and systemsMust plan each trainers goal using the goals sheets for renewals add ons client meets etc and track on the daily basis using the CO diary, must fully implement the CIS system and continuously train trainers behind the philosophy and processes to be followed 1.6EXPERIENCE SKILL REQUIREMENTSMust have excellent fitness knowledge and understand the philosophy of the company.
Proven success in basic administrative duties.
Proven success in Fitness management and all Personal Training.
Must have basic English skills and be willing to learn if necessary.
Must possess strong motivational, interpersonal and communication skills.
Prepared to contend with inconsistent and excessive work demands.
Consistently achieving or surpassing daily work targets and goals.
Must be a selfstarter and hold strong organisational skills.
Must be solution orientated.
Must have a high level of drive and desire to be a winner and achieve all set goals.
Ability to direct others and to continue the line of communication.
Must have a high level of professionalism, honesty, and integrity and excellent work ethic.
Have the ability to follow up and help implement all systems and procedures installed.
Willing and capable of training new and old staff.
Well versed in the company documentation.
Follow up on appointments and FIs missing, incorrect or late reporting.
Must come from a Fitness Manager background.
Be familiar with all Fitness management and PT documentationKnow all PT system.
Willing to grow in knowledge and the mentoring of other benefit the team.
Adaptable and open to new ideas and concepts.
Is a good role model and respected by present team.
Assist in audits. 1.7CODE OF CONDUCTThe actions and attitudes of the Fitness manager serve as an example of what is considered acceptable by company standards.
As a rule of thumb, think before you act and avoid doing or saying anything that would diminish or undermine your level of integrity and the integrity of the companys standards, policies or procedures.
Always demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude by your smile, tone of voice, and overall behaviour.
Out in minimum 9 hrs of duty every day with one hour of breakEnsure complete adherence to all HR, administrative policies 1.8DRESS CODEThe Fitness Manager is the role model for all Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers and the image the club.
The dress code is simple, dress for success at all times with the appropriate uniform.