general manager for hotel clarion, lucknow

Lucknow, Lucknow

   General Manager. 1.
Read your correspondence:
Disseminate it properly 2.
Schedule its answers, return and follow up. 3.
Check authenticity 4.
Answer your superiors enquiries promptly 2.
Attend meetings of the day
    *Sales, Forecasts, Department Heads, etc. 3.
To see your department heads daily for ten
    *minute scheduled sessions discuss their corresponding reports. 1.
Rooms Division Manager 2.
Director FB 3.
Director Sales 4.
Inspect hotel at least once a day for:
Cleanliness 2.
Service 3.
Courtesy 4.
General 5.
Especially Bars and Dining Rooms 6.
Checking signs and promotional materials 5.
Talk daily with Finance Head about:
Daily report 2.
Accounts Receivable Payable 3.
Cash Position 6.
Check guest areas
    *for personal touch:
Restaurants 2.
Bar 3.
Lobby 4.
Front Door 5.
Reception, Reservations 7.
Attend Periodic cocktails for long staying Guest 8.
Entertain Local Government Officials, House VIPs (including commercial accounts) 9.
Participate in civic affairs 10.
Check advertising and public relations. 11.
Talk to Director Sales and discuss call reports. 12.
Talk to Director Human Resources about Training, Payroll, recruitment status and Sickness report. 13.
Spend 30 minutes for new ideas:
    *Dead areas to paying space 14.
Check your clothing and appearance. 15.
Make sure your hotel entertainment is first class and producing results. 16.
Have you developed any new executive for the organization?
    *Why not?
    *Start today
    *training 17.
Write sales letters:
    *International 18.
Check your utility cost:
    *Engineers report
    *Personal observation 19.
Be pleasant and yet efficient 20.
Think about your company advancement 21.
Listen to problems and offer solutions 22.
Heshould have extensive pre
    *opening experience with background of FB Service department.