i need a professional website design

General information for the website:
   Property management Num. of web pages/modules:
   8 Description of every page/module:
   Approximately 8 pages in (please don't call or email here, thank you) Description of requirements/features:
   Responsive and dynamic.
Must be easy to control and edit.
Must be a fluent English speaker and prompt communicator.
CMS and Admin requirements:
   No files will be provided other than actual content written in .doc and all images.
The layout cannot be the same as this is to re
    *work the website to a more modern feel.
Domain already bought and will provide access.
We have received a recommendation to host and edit through Word Press on a company here but would welcome any other suggestions (from is fine too)
    *A live demo site here where you'd have access:
   :2082/cpsess299133478/frontend/paper_lantern/index.html?post_login=27155394884490 Extra notes:
   We are looking for someone who can work on this quickly and all subsequent guidance on how to edit within 2
    *3 weeks.
If you do not have a portfolio, please share what you can so we can review your quality of work.
We would prefer a non
    *agency as this seems to work previously.
Thank you.
Desired Skills:
   CSS HTML PHP WordPress