plugin customization & merger

Hi! I would like to request a quote to customize / combine some plugins for a project I am working on.
Although I currently have a job open for the customization portion only, I would like to see what the possibilities are for this.
To give you some background information, I am building a marketplace / directory for services (using the WordPress Listify theme by Astoundify) that will have 2 types of users that can register (one who offers their services "employer" and one who posts what they are looking for "employee").
Both the employer and employee categories will have different membership / subscription levels, with the option to have renewable subscriptions that will be handled in a yearly basis.
The users can create and edit their own entries / profiles, but it is important to note that they have no access to the WP admin area.
The "employer" will be able to post various listings for the type of service they are looking for while the "employee" will be able to create a single profile page with the option to post pictures, video, social media buttons if available, etc. depending on their membership level).
What I need the main plugin to do is to restrict the content the user can post depending on the membership they purchase (ie. # of pictures, video available or not, amount of tags, soundcloud features, etc.) instead of just the ability to restrict the content he has access to.
One of the plugins I had evaluated was Restrict Content Pro by Pippin's Plugins as they mentioend their RCP plugin "can't restrict post permissions out of the box and would require some work to get it to do that, but possible".
In terms of Plugins, in addition to RCP, my original thought had been to combine it with WC Paid Listings (since I was told it would convert the jobs to generic listings as I am using the Listify theme, and since the extension has separate pay
    *post packages for resumes and jobs, I could built the artist profile on top of the resume section ) together with WP Job Manager Field editor (to customize fields and their oEmbed feature), Sugar Event Calendar, WooCommerce and Request a Quote.
Although that was my plan, I would be open to discuss a better solution that would give me these results.
Cheers, Ally Desired Skills:
   MySQL Administration HTML PHP WordPress e
    *Commerce Wordpress Plugin