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   JOB OBJECTIVE Seeking assignments in Research & Development (Product Development / Technology Development) and quality management with an organization of FMCG.
D (Dairy Chemistry)in National Dairy Research Institute Karnal from August 2013 • Worked as Quality Control Executive for 1 year in The Ballabgarh Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited Milk Plant , Ballabgarh, Faridabad, Haryana, India • Worked as Quality Control Executive for 2.7 years, Production Executive for 1.1 Year & 2 months summer training in PMV Nutrient Products Pvt.
Gadaipur, Gurgaon, Haryana, India • Worked as Microbiologist cum Quality control Executive for 4 months in Lion foods Pvt.
Taluka Talala, Village Madhopur, Veraval, Gujarat, India (Seasonal Plant) CORE COPMPETENCIES • Quality control systems (GMP, GHP, OPRP/PRP & Traceability) • Auditor/Lead Auditor Training:
   9001:2008 (Quality Management System) • Auditor/Lead auditor Training:
   22000:2005 (Food Safety Management system) • Internal Audit and HACCP:
  FSMS 22000: 2005 • Production planning, preparation of monthly statements, daily &monthly MIS and monthly recovery. • Documentation of production, process control and all physical parameter as per ISO standard • Research planning, product formulation and recipe design RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS • Comparative study on conventional, ultrasonication and microwave assisted extraction of gamma
    *Oryzanol from rice bran (Journal of Food Science and Technology): Springer publishers • Optimization of polyphenolic fortification of grape peel extract in stirred yoghurt by Response Surface Methodology (Indian Journal od Dairy Science:
   69(1) 2016) • Antimicrobial properties of black grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) peel extracts against antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria and toxin producing molds (Indian Journal of Pharmacology
    *15R5) • Optimization of Guava milk chocolate using Response Surface Methodology (Bioscience Biotechnology Research, Asia, Vol. 13(3) September 2016) • Enhancement of Postharvest Shelf
    *life of Green bell peppers (Capsicum annum L.) using Calcium Lactate Dip Treatment.
Accepted.(Postharvest Biology and Technology:
   An International Journal, ISSN:
    *5214, Elsevier Publishers). • Effect of modified atmospheric packaging on physico
    *chemical properties and puncture strength of Banarasilangra mango (magniferaindica).
Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences.
   0019502 Ph.
Research work:
   Impact of milk proteins and fat in controlling fat bloom formation in dark chocolate Key Activities:
   • Proximate analysis of Cocoa Liquor and its Dutch processing • Preparation and purification of rennet casein • Preparation and fractionation of ghee at different temperature • Determination of Eutectic mixture of milk fat and cocoa butter • Incorporation of hydrocolloid, proteins and partial replacement of cocoa butter with milk fat, in the standard recipe of dark chocolate • Optimization of bloom inhibition by45 different trialsof dark chocolate • Comparative study of storage stability of optimized chocolate vs. industrial chocolate under bloom inducingconditions • Quantification of bloom development in optimized chocolate vs. industrial chocolate by surface profilometry, X
    *ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope • Comparative study of physical properties of optimized and industrial chocolate by (Colorimeter, Texture Analyser, Rheometer, DSC and Particle size analyser) • Investigation:
   Optimized chocolate was found to be bloom resistant up to 300C in comparison to industrial chocolate THESIS (MASTERS) (a) Dissertation:
  Comparative study of extraction techniques of γ
    *oryzanol from rice bran by using conventional extraction and ultrasonication, microwave assisted solvent extraction • Investigation:
  Microwave assisted extraction of γ
    *oryzanol in methanol is more potent technique in comparison of conventional and ultrasonication assisted solvent extraction • Specialization:
   Extraction and infusion of micronutrient in nutrient deficient foods like potato chips (b) Dissertation:
   Optimization of Temperature, pH and Metals ion on the activity of Pullulanase Enzyme • Investigation:
   Temperature of range 67.5
    *70 0C, pH 5.5 and concentration of 1.6 Mm Ca2+ drastically improved its activity up to 200 times for the conversion of pullulane (α
    *1, 4; α
    *1, 6
    *glucan) to glucose • Specialization:
  Direct conversion of starch into glucose to make glucose/fructose syrup • PG Diploma:
   Industrial Safety Management, 2013 (Distance Education) • Fruits and Vegetables processing and preservation (100 days Training) • Diploma in computer Application (1 year) ANALYTICAL EXPERTISE • Hands
    *on experience with techniques namely UV
    *VIS Spectrophotometer, GCMS, FTIR, GLC, Lyophilizer, Colorimeter, Particle size Analyzer, Rheometer, Texture Analyzer, Ultrasonication, Surface Profilometry and X
    *RD EDUCATION Qualification Year University / Board Percentage / OGPA PH.
D (Dairy Chemistry) 2013 To 2017 National Dairy Research Institute Karnal, India 7.0/10 M.
Tech. (Food Engineering & Technology) 2011 To 2013 Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Longowal (PB) Deemed University 7.89/10 M.
Sc. (Food Science & Technology) 2008 To 2010 Centre of Food Science and Technology
    *Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Varanasi
    *Central University 7.64/10 B.
Sc. (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology) 1995 To 1997 Shibli National College
    *Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University Jaunpur
    *State University 60.0 % SOFTWARE SKILLS • Operating system:
   Windows • Microsoft Office:
   Proficient • Excel and Power Point • Optimization of process parameters by Response Surface Methodology (RSM) • Improve and optimization of quality by applying (anova) • Fruits and Vegetables processing and preservation (100 days Training) INDUSTRIAL WORK EXPERIENCE (5 Years) Company Name Post Duration Roll & Responsibilities The Ballabagarh Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited MilkPlant , Ballabagarh, Faridabad, Haryana Quality Control Executive Jan. 2005 To Dec. 2005 Platform test, Phosphatase Test, Documentation work, Monitoring and maintaining the OPRP, PRO, GMP, GHP PMV Nutrient Products Pvt.
Gadaipur, Gurgaon, Haryana, India Quality Control Executive Jan. 2006 To Jul. 2008 Nitrogen Test, formulation, proteolytic activity of papain, Analysis of colour, TSS, moisture, pH, porosity, crispiness of proteinex cake, Daily, monthly MIS, Recovery, documentation work PMV Nutrient Products Pvt.
Gadaipur, Gurgaon, Haryana, India Production Executive Jul. 2010 To Aug. 2011 Monitoring & controlling process parameter of Evaporator, Vacuum band drier, Digestor, filter press, formulation of batch &packaging condition Lion foods Pvt.
Taluka Talala, Village Madhupur, Veraval, Gujarat, India (Seasonal Plant) Microbiologist cum Quality control executive May 2012 To August 2012 Quality of raw materials, Monitoring all safety and hygienic aspects, Microbial load of all batch, pH, viscosity, acidity and TSS of product CONFERENCE/SEMINARS/SYMPOSIA ATTENDED • Participated In International Conference on Role of Bio molecules in Food Security and Health Improvement (ICBFH
    *2010) and Xl Silver Jubilee Convention of the Indian Society of Agricultural Biochemist (ISAB) in BHU Varanasi, India • Participated in Poster Presentation in International conference of Dairy Industry Conference (DIC) 2016 Making India Dairing 2030 in N.
Karnal Haryana, India • Participated in Poster Presentation:
   National Conference Application of Biotechnology in Food Processing in Shoolini University, Solan, Himanchal Pradesh (2016), India PERSONAL DETAILS REFERENCES Date of Birth:
   1st July 1977 Marital status:
   Married Current Address:
   Alaknanda Hostel, Room No.
A13, NDRI Karnal, Haryana, India 132001 Permanent Address:
Bhatari, PO Karhan, Distt.
Mau, Uttar Pradesh India 276402 Languages Known:
   English and Hindi Dr.
Raman Seth Dr.
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