signal integrity lead

Bangalore, Bangalore

Job Description:
   We are looking for a senior engineer to lead the effort in signal integrity engineering.
The candidate should have an in depth understanding of electromagnetic waves with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of physical and system level signal integrity issues.
   The main responsibilities are to provide signal and power integrity expertise and support in the following area of PCB design.
Electrical modeling and simulation of signal and power delivery networks in PCBs.
Communicate with vendors to obtain simulation models for ICs and any other part requiring simulation or analysis.
Providing design guidelines, constraints, feedback, assistance and solutions to hardware teams.
Demonstrated ability to communicate concisely and clearly.
Review of design to ensure that design recommendations and guidelines are met.
Prepare pre and post
    *layout reports demonstrating critical interfaces guarantee robust signal integrity.
   8 years of experience.
MSEE, PhD preferred.
Extensive knowledge of signal and power integrity.
Hands on person who can extract package and PCB models and run time
    *domain simulation tools such as HSPICE and Xpedition.
Deep knowledge in EM simulation tools and transmission line theory.
Extensive knowledge in high
    *speed serial links, and serdes technologies.
Extensive experience in design, simulation, debug and analysis of serial interfaces such as PCIe, XAUI, RXAUI, CAUI, FC, 10GE.
Experience in Power Delivery design and analysis both DC and AC is a plus.
Demonstrated knowledge in timing, noise margin, crosstalk and power integrity analysis.
Expertise in extracting S
    *parameters or lumped models from packages and PCBs, converting it into Spice and/or behavioral compatible circuit models, and assessing the performance in the frequency
    *and time
    *domain using simulation tools.
Experience in design, simulation, debug and analysis of parallel interfaces such as PCIx, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, RGMII, QRGMII, etc.
Experience with PCB material and PCB stackup Experience in clock distribution and jitter analysis.
Strong problem solving skills and multi
    *tasking skills.