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I need to tell the reader about each zodiac sign, including characteristics, likes, dislikes, personality, strengths, weaknesses, best compatibility signs and why, business/career advice and tips.
This is for both male and female.
For each zodiac sign I need a relationship compatibility report too, also Scorpio and Pisces can be the same as Pisces and Scorpio.
For the business/career section I also need to tell the reader what type of career talent they should pursue and why.
The reader needs to know what Chinese birth sign they are and I need an explanation for each one.
If you can, they also need to know what sign they are in the Vedic horoscope, is it possible to list the birth dates according to each sign? This is not in article format, it is for my website.
Here is the link to the website:
   /index.php I have included mockups of my page design too so you understand what the layout will be like.
I was thinking around 50 words for the personality and 5
    *8 words for strengths, weaknesses, like, and dislikes.
For the compatibility and career section I was thinking around 60 words each.
This is for both male and female too.
For the 72 love combinations I was thinking around 70 words for each combination.
For each Animal Sign I was thinking around 60
    *70 words.
Desired Skills:
   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Writing Copywriting Creative Writing Astrology