systems admin - distributed backup recovery with portuguese and english

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   Security, Consulting, Analytics, Troubleshooting, Scripting.
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IBM is a leader in this global transformation Business Unit Introduction IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) helps clients plan, implement and manage an efficient, resilient, flexible IT infrastructure.
IBM GTS is the partner of choice for infrastructure services be it transformational outsourcing tied to business outcomes or integrated managed services or discrete services Who you are:
   Perform Backup and Recovery of Customers Data in a Distributed Environment.
What you ll do:
Should have desired Operating System Skills.
Technical Skills:
   Ability to convert Business requirement to the TSM planning .
Should be proficient on at least one major OS suitable for TSM Server.
Should be able to independently implement DRM and take part in DR tests.
Should be proficient on how to restore and recover TSM Servers.
Proficient on LAN Free backup implementation.
Should have knowledge on NDMP backups .
    *on on at least three TDP agents Proficient in TSM for VE.
Should have handled major DR drills.
Knowledge on HADR and major replication methodologies.
Proficient on TSM Client setup and different restore methodology.
Should be able to independently handle image, subfile, journal based backups.
Should know all available TSM Admin and Client interfaces, CLI, GUI, Webclient etc, and familiar with the available features.
Should be able to suggest on data encryption requirements .
Should be able to proficient on TSM reporting including the SQL commands.
Proficient in TSM and OS level Scripting.
Proficient in TSM Server security requirements and implementation.
Should be able to guide others on TSM Import and Export methods .
Should be able to configure TSM backups across the firewalls.
Should be able to handle centralized TSM server administration, Client Optionset, Server group etc.
Should be able to manage backup data movement between the TSM servers, import/export, virtual volume etc.
Should be able to manage TSM infrastructure in Clustered environment .
Should be proficient in Troubleshooting, root cause analysis, Performance Tuning and Improvement .
Proficient in server and client upgrades.
Proven skills in TSM security, encryption and licensing.
Handle and manage capacity requirements.
Experience and TS3500, SL8500, PT, DD implementation, configuration and management.
Audit application backup policies and environments to ensure integrity of backup and recovery activities.
How we ll help you grow:
   You ll have access to all the technical and management training courses you need to become the expert you want to be You ll learn directly from expert developers in the field; our team leads love to mentor You have the opportunity to work in many different areas to figure out what really excites you