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Below are 2 old omazing rabbit campaign landing pages that as you will read from a potential partner are a bit "out
    *dated", "lacking up
    *scale mainstream style", and "overly adult natured".
We have been approached by a very large, mainstream company in the UK, (the largest cash
    *back site in the UK). /sale/index.php /special/index.php Here are there notes:
   I've already shared this information with Shawn, but for Matt, here is why QuidCo will not run Omazing Rabbit at the moment:
   [1/30/15 10:13:53 AM] Sr:
   good thanks, sorry for the delay, I have spoken to Quidco, and whilst they originally said they would run Omazing Rabbit, the Site manager has said they are unwilling to run it on its current format
    *as they beleive it is too cheap and tacky looking, and the words are a bit too explicit.
They have confirmed though that if it is given a facelift and made to look a bit more classy they would run it
    *eg such as Love Honey etc [1/30/15 10:13:58 AM] Sr:
   sorry about that I have asked for specific changes from Sarah so that we can get this offer live with QuidCo, and she will be sending those along shortly.
Thanks guys. ==== Sorry for the delay.
As mentioned Quidco have said that they will not run the Omazing Rabbit campaign in its current format as they believe it to be too cheap and tacky looking and not in keeping with the other brands on their site.
They have asked that the explicit content be removed and that the site has a facelift and ideally a landing page.
They have requested if it could be more in line with competitors such as Love Honey, and more classy looking.
The site looks a bit dated and like a free website.
Here are some examples of similar sites that are on Quidco:
   /?source=webgains&siteid=3920&utm_source=Webgains&utm_medium=1200&utm_campaign=3920 / / You can see they all look fairly similar and more retail.
So if the site can look for like this that would be good. ===== With consideration of the notes provided, we need a complete redesign of the omazing rabbit campaign and doing so with the design aesthetic of the major players in this space in the UK. 1) We must turn down the explicit wording / content to keep it as mainstream as possible 2) We must remain a LANDING PAGE -> we are showcasing 1 single offer which contains:
   the Omazing Rabbit
    *49.99 rrp the Omazing Bullet Vibrator
    *12.99 rrp Velvet Storage Pouch
    *12.99 rrp 60 Day Quibble
    *Free Money
    *Back Guarantee 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty Discreet Shipping & Discreet Billing Desired Skills:
   Graphic Design Adobe Photoshop Web Design