wordpress website for kindle books

Hello and thank you for looking at this job.
I recently started publishing books and need to start marketing better and driving traffic through my own website.
I want to use this website to review various kindle books and build a social circle around it.
I bought a domain name and have hosting and want to make a simple yet catchy wordpress blog Blog needs to have space for paid/sponsored advertising Blog needs to have submit form which emails me when other publishers want to submit their content with ability for them to attach an image of their book cover.
Blog should have a WORKING rating/review and easy to use plug
Rating system should have option for visitors to vote, not just admin.
Blog should incorporate highly visible Social sharing plug
    *ins (FB/Twitter/Instagram) Blog should have easy to use google adsense and amazon ad block spaces plug
    *in for easy editing.
Blog also should have email submit form to capture emails/incorporated with my mailchimp account.
I can't think of anything else at the moment.
I am on a limited budget.
However I do know how easy it is to put a WP blog together.
I just don't have the will .. .
I can pay up to $100 for this project.
Please KISS (Keep it simple stupid) Desired Skills:
   CSS PHP WordPress